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Breaking down the Neutrals

The YDSA Accessories line starts with the socks which are only done in 4 colours and only in the Neutral tones of Beige, Grey, Black and White.

By Neutral tones I mean the colours that are not necessarily a part of the traditional Colour wheel.

There is a long list of reason why I chose these colours and the first is because I was inspired by nature, the 4 Seasons, the Earth, the Sky, Daytime, Night time, Snow and so on.

If you pay attention to your surroundings, colours of most natural items are colours are in the neutral tones.

Some other Pros of having key neutral piece:

- Neural tones don't clash

- Timelessness

- More versatility to mix or match

- Carries your wardrobe from summer all the way through winter

- Neutral tones go well with all skin tones

- Generate warmth and soothes anxiety

Below is a Video by YouTuber Harry Hass discussing the important of Neutral Colours in your wardrobe:

Style Tip of the week

Don't dress yourself in pieces, dress yourself in a palette

Stay Stylish

Ali x

P.s. This picture of Kate Mos for PlayBoy was the true inspiration

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